krav maga lessons for men in washington DC




KMDC classes are held at 18th and Newton Streets NW

About Krav Maga DC

Krav Maga is the self-defense and fighting system of the Israeli Defense Force. Based on instinctive movements that are quickly learned and easily remembered, Krav Maga is a simple, effective system that emphasizes rapid responses, practical techniques that work for all types and sizes, and realistic training scenarios.

Students who take Krav Maga lessons in Washington DC learn to deal with almost any violent or threatening situation through the use of hand-to-hand combatives, improvised weapons, dirty fighting or simply knowing when to escape danger by running away. It’s combat for a modern world.

We offer complete stand-up and groundfighting self-defense instruction that will train both your body and mind to deal with any threatening situation, as well as pure mental and emotional training on how to win – in self defense and in life!

  • "Krav Maga DC offers unparalleled self-defense and overall fitness conditioning programs that are challenging and fun. The instructors are top-notch. They guide students at every level of fitness and ability to ensure that the techniques are easily understood and mastered. If you are interested in a rigorous program that will build your confidence and physical conditioning, look no further than the KMDC Training Center!"–Robb Gray, Washington, DC

  • "I love that Krav Maga DC have flexible classes and trains hard. "–Asafu Thomas

  • "When I first started doing Krav Maga I wasn’t really sure what to expect. A friend of mine was really interested in their program, and I was really looking to getting in shape. He dragged me along to a Krav class and it was really one of the best things I could have done. Ever since starting the program I have actually lost 7lbs. Gotten a bit more fit, more confident, and I really can’t go more than a week without doing Krav Maga. It’s really just a great program and thanks to everyone at Krav Maga DC for providing this. Thank You!"–Raja Jani

  • "Krav Maga is actually one of the best decisions I have ever made in my whole life. I’ve lost weight and I feel extremely fit, and this is just a month in. I believe I lost about 10lbs already, but don’t quote me on that. In terms of defending myself I feel much more confident on the street, in areas such as bars so on and so forth. I definitely feel like I can take care of my family and myself, in deadly or forceful situations. I definitely recommend it to everyone to come join this class."–Dev Das

  • "Just wanted to say that I really enjoy KMDC--it’s a fantastic workout. Every time I come here I’m pushed to challenge myself, and leave exhausted, which is what I come here to do. Everyone I work with is always fantastic, the teachers are great. It’s a great atmosphere to learn and to fight and be aggressive. It’s safe and fun all around, which is exactly what I’m looking for and I really enjoy it."–Tucker

  • "This is the only expense on my credit card bill I don’t mind paying!"–Jessica

  • "I love Krav Maga because it’s teaching me how to use my instinct and intuition in a much smarter way against people. It teaches me to think defensively in what I am doing when I approach people."–Abbey

  • "I started Krav at KMDC last year, with no previous experience in martial arts. Since then, I have become so much stronger, both physically and mentally. In addition to getting a great workout with some awesome instructors, Krav helps you gain self-confidence. There is something incredibly empowering about knowing that you can take down someone significantly larger than you. If you have any doubts about training here, take a few classes. I guarantee you will be hooked!"–Audrey

  • “I love Krav Maga because it is empowering, fun, and one of the best workouts I’ve ever had.”–Grace

  • “I’m relatively new to Krav Maga but after only two months I can already feel myself stronger I’m much more confident and it’s a great workout every time. The Instructors are great and I really appreciate all the time they put in to making sure that you are doing things correctly not getting hurt and making yourself stronger in the process.”–Heather

  • “I think I like Krav Maga for a couple of reasons. From a workout perspective I’m not really the kind of person who typically goes to a gym or is able to work out regularly from a discipline perspective. This has been great for me because it’s easy enough to just come in twice a week and then once I’m here it’s handled from there. The instructor keeps me engaged throughout the entire course so I’m not so much thinking about working out. Then from a self-defense perspective I’m also not the kind of person who is very aggressive or has ever been in fight. Krav Maga has really enabled me to be aggressive and to understand how I would react in that type of situation. I think there are a lot of valuable things to be learned and I hope to continue moving up through the levels."–Liz

  • "I once believed that a traditional gym could get me in “great” shape and prepare me for any physical activity that was required; however, I was wrong. Upon beginning Krav Maga, I became acutely aware of how much room for improvement existed in my previous workout routine. Learning Krav Maga, has not only tested my physical strength, but has also taught me a very practical skill that is good for anyone concerned about their own personal safety. The structure of the courses are centered around the students and their individual progress--with instructors always taking the time to give you one-one-one advice and encouragement. The level of training I have received is exceptional, and has surpassed my expectations of what I would get out of this, non-traditional training. I have enjoyed what I have learned so far, and I am very excited about continuing these classes in the future."–Rachel